Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dance of Democracy

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome back after a month or so of silence. But no time for niceties right now. With Elections '09 coming up in swing now, no one seems to have the time. At least not our politicians!

A lot is being said, printed, published, blogged, bannered & sung about this time. I like to hear about what the "potential policians" wants to make of my country. I have personally always placed my faith in secular parties. Having said that, I must say my choice is usually restricted with a handful of parties!! But then for me, it's better to be secular and right, rather than being totally wrong & making a fool of myself and my country.

Now, coming back to politicians and their poll-promises.

It is really difficult to escape politicians at this time of the year. (How our youth have successfully managed to do so for so many years is praise-worthy!!) So, I barely scraped through an article in newspaper daily about BJP's Agenda. Have a quick look at it & then I shall ramble further on.

LOOK WHAT’S ON THE BJP’S AGENDA * Rebuild Ram temple in Ayodhya * Raise slab of Income Tax exemption for salaried class to Rs 3 lakh per annum * For women, the limit would be Rs 3.5 lakh pa * Income of all senior citizens by way of pension will be exempted from I-T * Exemption from I-T for armed forces * 'One Rank, One Pension' for armed forces * Separate pay commission for armed forces * Separate state of Telangana * Strong POTA-like laws to tackle terrorism * Waive off all current loans, provide fresh loans at 4 per cent to farmers * Abrogate Article 370 (giving special status to J&K) * 35 kg of rice or wheat per month at Rs 2 per kg for BPL families [Congress is offering rice at Rs 3 per kg] * Protect Ram Sethu (ancient stone bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka) * Promotion of alternative sources of energy, focus on wind and solar energy

Needless to say, it enraged me. I am still angry, but I am sure they can't care less - simply because they don't care what a tiny woman belonging to a minority community thinks or feels!

Looking at BJP's agenda reminds me of an old saying : कुत्ते की दुम को अगर सौ साल भी नल्ली में रखा जाए तो भी वो टेढी की टेढी ही रहेगी!! It means even if a dog's curly tail is kept in a straight pipe for 100 years, when released it will still continue to be curly! Even if BJP tries to portray : निडर नेता! निडर सरकार! For me this statement is a brute reminder of how brutally, shamelessly and lawlessly these "leaders" - Mr. Advani and Mr.Modi - have behaved in the past. I can never forgive or forget Mr. Advani for his behaviour, his statements & the consequences that followed(Babri Masjid riots). At least Mr.Advani has stayed underground for 15 long years. Mr. Modi has no sense of shame at all. It's only 2 years since the Godhra riots. Obama would be ashamed of himself if he learnt Mr.Narendra Modi is the "new Obama of India". I am sure he would commit suicide.

If Elections are the Dance of Democracy, then BJP is surely all about "Dirty Dancing". If you look carefully at their agenda, here is quick summary for you:

* Build Ram Temple

* Bomb Pakistan

* Change civil law for all minorities(Esp Muslims!)

* Defend Varun Gandhi, Pragya Sadhvi & others

* Attack women in pubs

* Ban cow slaughter

* Set Kashmir on fire

* Rewrite Modi-and-Advani version of History books

* Modi shall be Advani's heir

* Senselessly copy Manmohanomics

This is apart from emptying all the government coffers by providing tax exemptions, withdrawing sixth pay commission and any and every other means by which we generate legal revenue and the country is running happily today. Anything that provides happiness to India shall be destroyed.

My question is - if the writing on the wall is so plain, how come no one is opposing it? How come people can be so insensitive to want to vote for them? I feel despite of all the logic and common sense that I possess, simple things like these shall forever choose to evade me.

Can you help me understand?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Young Voter!!

The great Indian Democratic Dance is back yet again! And thankfully, only after five very eventful years. This time around a lot of young blood is entering politics. Look at Rahul Gandhi, Varun Gandhi or Milind Deora. However, in no way does it mean that the older blood is ready to exit politics. Not just yet. Look at George Fernandes, Mulayam Singh or LK Advani for that matter. It's true that internet has now captured a major advertising space in Indian National Election 2009. Yet the fact remains that politics does not happen at the click of a mouse. It is a lot more than just that. A lot of groups are doing their bit to spread awareness about the candidates after running a background check on them. However, the people who have voted for these goons all these years long have known it all along and have still voted for them. However, everything said and done, I believe these are merely ways to entice the younger voter or the "Resident Indian". When you look deep enough, politics is not about the number of votes or the sheer number of followers that you have. The important thing is that the "elected policy makers" keep India in mind before everything else. It is about formulating the right policies, taking the right stand on issues. When some of the major parties are busy enticing the young voter, the logic is obvious. The younger generation does not really or completely understand the nature and depth of politics. The older generation is usually not that hooked on to the internet, and more importantly, it has seen too much of them to vote for them anymore. The liberal meaning of the word democracy is "Of the people, for the people, by the people". Yet, most of our existing politicans would rather only work from themselves or their so-called priciples. Most of these ideals have never looked like ideal principles for a secular India. As a young voter, when I look at India 5 years from now, I would like to see a united, secular, stronger and forward India. Younger policians as well as younger voters are a need of the hour; however, it depends on you and me - to not just stop at logging on to It means a lot more than just that. The sooner we realize that, the better for India.