Friday, February 6, 2009

Who decides the future of India?

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Some more uncontrollable activities and happenings have taken place since I was last here. One very noticeable thing - there seems to be so much negativity around us all, it keeps getting tougher and tougher to stay positive. Not wishing to indulge too long in the positiveness and negativeness' around me, I will just ramble on, for now.
There are two most prominent issues that are raising their ugly heads even while I type this. One is the avid discussion about who is the most capable of leading India into the future (in other words, who shall be the next Prime Minister of India!). And the second and equally disturbing is the movement that is catching on like jungle fire - the plight of the Hindu. Right at this point of time, these are the issues that shall rule the roost in the next couple of months. More importantly, these are the issues that will stand as a benchmark to the world - they will tell the world who we really are. Let's ramble on.
First things first.
Campaigns are on. All parties are out promoting themselves. "I am the cleanest of them all!" - so they all proclaim. And yet. Whether it's Advani, Kalyan Singh, Mayawati, Narendra Modi or most other "political leaders" - are they any different at all? I don't think so. Not in the least. As far as India is concerned, you cannot enter politics if your hands are not dirty. In any case, your hands will definitely get dirty by the time you get there.
The two major players for PM-ship are going to be Congress and BJP. Most other parties come in to complete the numbers and form coalition governments that fall more than they rise. In a beautiful consequence to the last elections (which were thankfully 5-years ago!!), Congress, with the help of coalition parties has managed to keep BJP in the opposition. Looking back at these 5-years, I personally think, as a country, we are far ahead from where we had started. So much for the able leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. I know a lot of people are complaining about recession and that the Congress-led Government did not handle it correctly - I would just ask them to look at the larger global picture. While recession has already put half the world out of work, in India, it's only now that we are beginning to feel the heat of it all. A lot of us have lost jobs and the anger and anguish is understandable. I too am out of work at this point of time. However, had it not been for an able Prime Minister, who has also been a Finance Minister and Governor of Reserve Bank of India, we would have been down in the dumps by now. The situation of recession in our country is at a controllable level. It will take some time to heal, but I am sure with the right governance, we will be back on our feet soon.
The sixth pay commission that was being haggled over for the past several years has finally been released. With the fifth pay commission in action, government employees were receiving far less than their private sector counterparts. With the sixth pay commission the divide is finally filled up. Where people would quit government jobs for better pay slips, the tide is now turned.
Coming back to the topic of the contenders for the Post of the future Prime Minister. Two big contenders are rising at this point. While the Congress is rooting for Rahul "India's Obama" Gandhi, the BJP are swearing by Narendra Learned & Versatile" Modi.
The present global scenario shows a consistent trend towards youth power in politics. The biggest example is the US selecting Barack Obama over McCain. The idealist and supposed knowledgeable leaders are usually the most corrupt as well as tainted. Most of them have had the opportunity to make their mistakes and eat it too. And these leaders are going to be our allies and adversaries in the times to come.
The Prime Minister and his allies are usually the ones who pave the way for India's future. With Manmohan Singh leading the lot, we have seen our economy booming. We saw India being ushered into the powerful-8. There have been a lot of mishaps, no doubt - however, the government has steadfastly been secular all along. These are tumulus times where people and parties are creating rifts in society. If we want to move from our current position of number eight to number, India has to move together. There can be no other way. It is a secular India that will go forward. An India that is split into a million tiny regional and religious groups will never get anywhere.
I can never forget the day the terrorists attacked my Mumbai. Similarly, I have been unable to forget the Babri Masjid riots. I cannot forget the Godhra carnage. These incidents were a shocking news to me. They reminded me that I belonged to a minority community in a majorly Hindu country. I am constantly reminded that I should have no say in any matters for my country, just because Rama was a Hindu & Ram Rajya his dream. Even today, I know there might be a non-secular group waiting to strike out at people like me. I am sure after the Godhra carnage, no Muslim has ever felt safe in Gujarat. Mr. Modi's assurances do nothing to assure me.
Yes, he may have contributed to Gujarat's economy, but at the same time, somehow I am sure the economic progress he is talking about might be a greater proportion of lies than truth. If economy is really booming in Gujarat, how come the diamond workers were not provided any support. And mind you, the diamond workers of Surat are India's largest group.
More importantly, if I remember correctly, 5-years ago, BJP had run a campaign called India Shining or India Rising - something to that effect. Later on, it turned out, most of it was lies. I believe BJP might be using the old trick again. I refuse to be tricked along. L.K. Advani and Kalyan Singh were known to have openly made rousing speeches during the Babri Masjid Riots. It may be more than 15 years since that episode, but I truly believe you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. If I cannot forget that incident after 15 years, I am sure they are also incapable of forgetting the hatred that exists within them as far as minorities are concerned.
At such times, with such people, I will always choose to go with the most secular party. The Constitution of India proudly proclaims itself to be a secular & democratic country. I will stand by a party that stands by the people of India, not just the people of a region, or caste, or community. Rahul Gandhi may not have as much experience as Advani or Modi, but to me that just means he is still not tainted. He is young blood and the face of India's bright and shining tomorrow. I just hope he does not fall pray to the Gandhi legacy of assassinations.
I have decided. I will place my vote with the most secular party in India. I place my vote for Rahul Gandhi.
Jai ho!


  1. don't know about him..but lets give him a chance..he might prove to be relief for the sorry state of politics in India.. Baakiyon ka rang to ham dekh hi chuke!!
    & please strict no-no to Mayawati. Really I'd either leave the nation or jump into politics myself if she comes any close to PMship!!

  2. Well, as far as Mayawati is concerned - her manner & attitude have long convinced me that she must be totally uneducated. I could not be more wrong. This ex-school teacher is a BA(Honr), MA, BEd & LLB!!! I wonder dispite of being so educated - how does she manage to behave so disgustingly!!!


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