Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Speak For Yourself

Greetings Earthling! Ramazaan has kept me really busy this year. Now, that it is going to come to a close very soon, life is getting even more hectic by the day. However, since blogging is one thing I definitely like to do, here I am today. So, getting on with my most recent ramblings. A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me if I was turning into a "hard-core". Since then it has persisted as the proverbial itch that needs scratching. Let's analyse this. According to the Little Oxford English Dictionary, the word hard core is the most committed or uncompromising members of a group. That is the lexicographical meaning. In our daily lives the word is associated with the most extreme, the most manly, the kind that pushes to the limit. In short, an extremist would be a type of hard core. Now, for those who know me in-person, usually know me a the very happy-go-lucky, the fun type of person. Some know who knows what to do when and how much. I am not saying i am perfect - not in the least - i just believe in doing what I think is right. And the path to righteousness never hurts anyone else in its wake. So, this question took me completely by surprise. In fact, I kind-of tumbled over it. I have questioned myself several times over since - especially with all the bombs blasting all over the country. Moreso, because for those who do not understand Islam, every believer is a hardcore. This has also led to a lot of introspection - within myself and the Islamic world in today's time. Islam. A religion that says Allah is one and the all powerful. All humans are equal. Meccah is the house of Allah. Mohammed is His Prophet. Quran is the holiest book of Islam. This is the truth. Beyond this, I feel is a lot of speculation. In recent times, terrorist activities have increases manifold all over the world. A lot of these terrorists proclaim that they are Muslims. However,I feel, most of them have never understood Islam. Or Jihad. Or even themselves and their surroundings for that matter. These seem to be highly disillusioned and brainwashed people. Most of them are very young - not very worldly wise either. Now, because of these people or these terrorist, shall we say, a lot of other simple and innocent men and women all across the globe have unwanted gained the title of being hardcores. To the point, that in today's time, if you are a Muslim and a beliver and diligently follow your traditions and religion, you are automatically labelled a hard core. And this could not be farther from the truth. Islam teaches you humbleness. It teaches you brotherhood. It teaches you tolerance. It teaches you community living. As much as I have looked into the teachings of Islam, I have learnt that it is the most beautiful religion ever. Simply because it shows you how to live like a human. And, how to live and let live. I am a believer. But, I refuse to be labelled as a hard core. I believe in my values. I believe in my traditions. I believe in my Prophet. I believe in my religion. I believe in Allah. I believe. Therefore, I am.