Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wobbling Wednesday!

Greetings Earthlings... It was a day where you are grinded to such an extent that life extracts all juices out of you!! Completely grilling & gruelling... Not so much directly... it's the little things that bother the most... The one joking-said-unfair word, the one-small-sentence-turned-into-an-argument, etc. and so on and so forth! I guess this is not the real mood to be able to clearly or thoughfully express oneself... I shall return when I feel better again.... Till then, I return to my shell of depression & gloom...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Right time?

Good day Earthlings! So, when do we know it's the right time? Now, this question is not necessarily aimed at anything in particular. Just that we usually hold the belief that the Maker sets his time for everything that is supposed to happen, and when the time is right, it shall surely happen. Not even if you willed you could stop it from happening any more. So, if the Maker obviously knows when it's timed... when do simple mortals know it's truely the right time? Someone, I have this feeling that life treats us all differently. What I mean by this is some people seem to go from goal to goal strife-lessly. Others (like me, for instance!) take several stops on the way to finally reach somewhere; and that does not necessarily have to be where-we-wanted-to-go. I wonder why does He do that. I wonder why are we not equal. Maybe, I am aware of the answer myself. While all of us as humans do face problems and obstacles, we do not really face equally or as harshly. For the same problem, one man will treat it like it was nothing, whereas the other may feel burdened under it... even unable to sneak out of it for relief-sake. Similarly, even though the problems around us maybe similar, the way we treat them when they fall upon us makes all the difference. A person who can smile and face all adversities, will definitely see more of life, will be able to do more. Whereas one cribbing on a small hurdle, may never be brave to skip ahead. So, coming back to the question of when is it really the right time? All I can say is that God sets a path for us. He makes us go through adversity so that we can be stronger and be able to take what life throws at us. Yeah, when the time comes, we shall know "It's time"!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sultry Sunday!!

Dear Earthlings! Today being Sunday, most of us are not going to bother dragging ourselves out of bed at 1300 hrs, my brother is still sleeping, or pretending to be asleep! There was a small 5-min activity that happened today, which has my thinking cap dying to be placed back on my head. I mean, its usually considered no big deal..getting married. I see all around me and everyone I know is getting married!! And they seem to be really happy with it. I am happy to see them happy. However, it's a feeling that I don't really understand. The feeling of two souls becoming one and agreeing to staying together for the rest of their lives... that actually means, if all goes well, they will stick together for as long as they live. WOW! To me, somehow, the idea itself seems preposterous. From what I understand of being married, it means commiting to stand by each other, in all times, no matter what. However, no where it actually states that you shall not have a life of your own. Or that you cannot be your own person. No where it says that the wife shall the slave to her husband by carrying out all his wishes as commands. Yes, wife is expected to hear her husband out, however, in the usual sense of the word, it is conveniently misinterpreted as wife should always do her husband's bidding. And so and so forth. However, the cruel society places no such rules for the darling husbands!! I wonder why would people still want to stick around someone even after knowing it all!! It is usually safely assumed that women are dumb. They have no understanding of the world what so ever & should be imprisoned - not actually, but I think most of us undertand what I am talking about... However, in the recent times there has been a slight shift in this line of thought. But the shift is really minimalistic. It has more to do with men wanting to hold their control over their wives and society, and less to do with what women actually capable of. I think I can safely continue this topic tomorrow, for I am in a little bit of hurry today. Today is my Mom's birthday!! I do have little surprises planned.... all I can do is hope it all ends well!! More on what actually happened today... tomorrow!! Ciao!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stepping into Saturday!

Early morning Earthlings!! I just stepped into Saturday a little while ago.... a tiny, soft-footed step. A thought that has been bothering me for a while now.... and honestly enough, I don't even think I shall have any answers so soon. When do we know a person is a stranger? Technically, the way a human brain functions, or let's say, the way we have been taught - a stranger is a person we do not know. So, how do we know someone? Or when do we truely know someone? Do people who have known each other for years, really know each other? Can one know another in the look of the eye? What is it? What does it take? Why is it different everytime? There can be a million questions just surrounding this... but that is irrelevant. The important thing is the understanding. I now believe, we can never really know someone... Even someone very close, like our parents or siblings.... I have my reasons. Firstly, the true meaning of the word knowing lies in the fact that we should be able to reasonable predict the behaviour in certain circumstances. However, I have also discovered through self experimentation that we can change our behaviours to a certain reasonable extent. Do the unexpected. But then, it must be planned. In moments of true adversity, you mostly do your best. So, coming back to the topic. We can know someone and not really know them. Or we may have never seen that person and yet we can bond like we were never seperated since birth... Why is that so? What is that crucial connection? Why do we feel so comfortable with some people? And why is it that we can't stand some others? Some of our answers may lie in our past. Others are actual indices towards our future. The way ahead. The way that we passed points towards the way that we choice. We say that we always have a choice, but do we really? I am not sure. I have never been very sure about this. Maybe, its Providence that we should discover this in the way of our lives - that is when we truely appreciate the beauty that lies within us, around us. And at that precise moment, we realize how beautiful everything is.... and that is also the moment that we truly, madly, deeply fall in love with our selves!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Frivolous Friday!!

Happy Independence Day to America!!- And Americans, of course!! While, USA happy rejoices on a Independence-Day-turned-to-a-long-week-end, we here, in India, are still struggling in our pre-week-end phase. Today, I wonder why do we become who we are... Right from the moment we are fusing-and-forming in our mother's wombs, to the day we die, we change. The only thing that is certain in life is change. We mould ourselves according to circumstances. It can be negative or positive. The same circumstance can affect two people ever so very differently. Even at the time when we cannot control our environment or emotions we are always exposed to them. Now, at the age when we are very much mouldable by our surroundings.... so to say, we do not even know what this tiny snow flake can actually turn to a storming snow ball of destruction some day. That is why I feel, your emotions are like snowflakes. Each one is unique, just being within the person who holds them. When you look at them individually, each one is ever so very beautiful, you could keep watching it forever.... outwardly, to the naked eye, it appears all the same. Our society is just like that. If it is happening to someone else, it's all fine. It always happens to someone else. But when you feel it yourself, you understand the beauty within. Now at times, especially when we are not aware of our emotions, and their affects and their beauty, we are most vulnerable to it. By this, I do not mean to say that emotions are negative... Emotions, by themselves, are positive. However, they are positive when you know how to temper them. How to mould yourself, so that they can add more beauty to your character. But like I was saying, emotions, when we do not know how to handle them that is when they affect us the most. At a very tender age, when the world is still a big zoo, we begin noticing the effect they have on us. If it goes uncontrolled... that is when it starts "snow-balling"... effects are which are rarely immediate... These are the kind of effects that present themselves when we are adults and grown up... That moment, when it bursts forward, we realize what we have been holding within ourselves, even without looking at it.... Such is life!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rashidaz Rambling Restlessness!!: Twittering Thursday!

Rashidaz Rambling Restlessness!!: Twittering Thursday!

Twittering Thursday!

Greeting Earthlings!! Life is all about moving on. In one sense of the word and also in the other.... I am sure, a few years on this planet are sufficient for all of us to see whatever there is to see. But then, I have known a lot of people who save now, so that they can be rich and retire early. Now, not that I am complaining, but somehow, it seems like a futile idea. I mean when you are have already passed the fountain of youth, toiling away without looking around, you have not really lived your life. The sarcasm of our lives is that we shall never know when death shall come knocking and off we go in a jiffy. Now, if Allah placed me on this planet, there has to be a plan for me.... He was obviously not thinking that I should land on this planet, take 15 years to learn every worthwhile thing that there is to learn and then use that wisdom to slog myself in a cubicle!! Surely, Allah cannot have thought of this!! This has to be human seiging himself in the name of secure future! When He made this natural beauty all around me, I am sure He must have had something going on... But there are people who don't understand beauty!! I mean... what do will you be looking at when you are 40 & then go out to see the world!! I mean... that also assumes that you will live till 40 & also assumes that you will retire at 40 & also assumes that you will go out to see the world after 40!!! I would rather live 10 years that Allah gives me to the fullest! Living each day as if its my last.... Yes, I do believe in planning forever.. However, I don't let that come in the way of today!! Live life Queen Size... for I don't know if in my next moment, I shall be dead or alive... if i don't know then I don't assume it. Finally, Live like you will die tomorrow! Plan as if you will live forever!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flooding Tuesday!!

Welcome Rains, back to Mumbai!! Finally, the sweltering heat has turned into pouring blessing in rain drops!! And there are these millions blessing pouring all over Mumbai.... Technically, half of Mumbai is already submerged!! But, as usual, Rashida reports to work.. on time!!! Hail, SuperWoman!! I am thoroughly enjoying myself... I love rains... No better excuse to get out & get wet & have fun... no inhibitions - to any one who has never tried it before, it's a sure cure for broken hearts & broken souls.... When the rain splashes your face, you can feel all your anxiety being washed away... When the rain soaks you, you feel submerged in the elixir of life.. truly, if Allah had to ever make an elixir of life, it could not be simpler than a good heavenly down pour... Refresh your heart, refresh your souls, feel younger than every before!! Feel truly, madly, deeply, in love with yourself!! It's like living your birth again! It's God's way of cleansing your souls, His way of letting you touch him!! When the soaking rain, makes you shiver to your bones, you can feel the power within you... I would not complain... I can feel His warmth creeping within me... warming my soul to the deepest corner! I welcome thee rains.... come & wash me away! I go now, To soak in the rain.... & enjoy my hot cuppa chai!!